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"Lady-in-Waiting, a woman who attends a queen or princess."

This idea has always intrigued me.  Women have always been put on the side lines as if waiting their turn.  Never getting the recognition, and in many cases doing most of the work.  The "Lady"  is "woman", the "Queen" is "power". I have thought about this concept since I was a young woman.  My first exploration of this idea was in the early 1980's, still in my 20's, and feeling that there were "spirits" or "guides" that would help women use their intuition to direct them.  There were sketches, then prints, full scale sculptures and blueprints representing these "ladies".  Between the years of 1982-1984 I started a project of four large scale paintings.  Each painting is acrylic on canvas and over seven feet high.  Each "Lady" has been designated a "direction" on the Earth.  I have purposely given them androgynous, raceless and multi-ethnic attributes, but they are feminine.  They are a visualization of strength and are an emotional shield while "waiting" for true equality.  There are four paintings, North, South, East, and West because I also believe that women need a cadre in mass if changes are to become reality.  I wanted to surround myself and other women with strong bold images from all four corners of the Earth. 

Lili  Butler

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