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Born in San Francisco, studied in the Bay Area, Spain and Mexico.  Graduated Cum Laude from University of California at Berkeley majoring in Art and Design.   Studied with Elmer Bischoff and Joan Brown.  Received the Trefethan Fellow and Graduate MFA degree from Mills College in Oakland, California in 1984.  Mentored by her Graduate School advisor and good friend, Jay Defeo.  Entered and won Best-in-Show at the San Francisco Art Annual in 1984 featuring prominent artist from the West Coast.  Given one-woman show at California College of  Arts and Crafts (CCAC) in Oakland to commemorate the Best-in-Show distinction in 1984.  Following her distinguished award, she was invited to a one-person show at the new Apple Inc. Headquarters in 1984 where her clothing sculptures and artwork were featured in the new corporate headquarters lobby in Silicone Valley, California.  Opened her Art and Clothing Design Studio in 1984 and launched her Fashion Design business in New York in 1987.  Featured clothing designs in the windows of Bergdorf Goodman in 1989.  Incorporated her design and art business in 1993 and sold clothing to over 150 accounts in the US, Europe, Mid East, Canada and South America.  Artistic Director and President of Group Lili Designs Inc. 2004 .  Lili has mentored and hired many young interns over the years and continues to promote and assist women in business. 

Lives in Sonoma County with her husband, the painter, R.Kent Rupp, and beloved poodles, Ernest and Vincent whom have since passed away. Cezanne is the newest addition to the family he has just turned 1 yr old.  A lover of art, music, gardens, cooking and her dogs.  Her home is a showroom with a large studio and inspirational gardens where family, clients and friends all intermingle.  

Currently designing and creating for an exclusive group of distinguished women, painting, drawing and creating her lifelong sculpture project called "Ladies in Waiting".

Lili  Butler

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