Making art is my passion.  I am obsessed with creativity in all its forms.  I love to draw, paint, sculpt, make gardens and work with textiles.  I am an artist and a designer.  I am compelled to do both.  I have never felt that one would surpass the other.  I was advised earlier on in my career to focus on one passion.  I could not. I did not. I am happy I have crammed everything I could into all my passions. 

During this very strange year, I have had time to go through my archive of earlier works.  This web creation is a product of that exploration.  I will be showcasing many of the series of earlier works.  In addition, I am juxtaposing those with my current sculptural projects, the first is a sculpture series named "Ladies in Waiting".  These are full scale mannequins which have been meticulously detailed and elaborated with my own personal three-dimensional elements. 

All Artwork shown is available for purchase please contact artist.

Lili  Butler

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